Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Door County Fish

I am worn out from last week's intensive Door County Plein Air Festival, in Fish Creek, WI. Thought I'd put my "down time" to good use and blog about my experience. This could take days!!!

One thing that Door County has is fish! I took this photo in a Bailey's Harbor fish shop. You could get smoked salmon or (pictured here 'cause I couldn't resist the color and sheen) smoked whitefish. Also for sale was fresh fish, frozen fish burgers, and frozen chunks to make the famous Door County "fish boil."

The fishermen hang out in the side room, cleaning their catch and telling tales. Here is the owner of the shop. And I had to post the photo of a bottle of Spotted Cow beer, from the New Glarius Brewery. Two years ago, my husband, Martin, and I toured this brewery, did a beer tasting and walked out with a case of their various kinds of beer. It was wonderful to taste it again this year with fish and chips.

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