Thursday, July 30, 2009

Door County Necklace Competition

I knew there was a reason that I should have taken a photo of the black rubber band necklace I saw at the Magic Jacket boutique in the Top of the Hill Shops in Fish Creek. Can it be a real competition if there are only two necklaces? Maybe not.

Okay, Contestant #1: the Black Rubber Band Necklace. You'll just have to visualize it.
Contestant Number 2: the zipper pull necklace.
Don't remember this model's name but met this very nice lady on the first meet the artists night. Saw her all week. She was a big fan of James Richards work.

Contestant Number 3: the bow tie necklace made by featured artist Sterling Hoffmann. What this model doesn't know . . . she is wearing the necklace upside down. Who wins?


MooMoo Maranda said...

I like the dollar bill one, but the zipper one is more colorful. I'd say it was a tie!

Sri Debi said...

I really like your name MooMoo. And I appreciate it that you actually voted! I do wish I had taken a photo of that rubber bank necklace. I think you'd have like that one!

I read your profile, and I don't think you're weird, I think that you are creative. Welcome to the club.