Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fun at Wilson's, Ephraim, Door County

Here's the man himself, Sterling Hoffmann from California. I met Sterling one evening while painting on the beach alongside Kami Polzin at the Meet the Artists night. While Kami and I were painting, Sterling quietly came on the scene with his easel. I'd forgotten a trash bag, and he offered me one he had recycled from delivered newpapers. In trying to hook it to my easel, I saw it was a double bag. Right away I noticed that there was something special about Sterling. He was concerned about the environment, and had made these bags, one for trash and one for recyclables. I said to myself, "He's either from California or Colorado." Sure enough, I was right.

This photo of Sterling was taken not long after we turned in our paintings for that evenings gala preview. It was lunch time, and we decided to go for something to eat. Sterling drove. He took us to Wilson's, famous for ice cream, homemade rootbeer, burgers. I'd only seen it, but here is Marc Hanson's painting of it. I love Wilson's because of the red and white striped awning.

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