Sunday, August 02, 2009

Why Go to Wilson's?

Sterling, Mary Ann, Jennifer and myself went to Wilson's for lunch, and to relax from a week of intense painting. We ordered burgers which were very good.

While we waited for our lunch, we entertained ourselves with the table-side jukeboxes filled with songs from the 50's - 80's. Songs like Respect and Hot Rod Lincoln took us back and had us dancing in our seats.

Now here's a reason to go to Wilson's. Look at the size of the sundae in this boy's hand. He seemed to be in shock, and I couldn't resist taking this photo of him with this concoction.
And of course, when you've had your fill of food, treats and music, you have to pay your bill and customary to leave a tip. Here's what Sterling did to the dollars that we were leaving for the tip. Would love to have seen the expression on the face of our waitress when she came to clean the table.

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