Sunday, August 23, 2009

Rush hour demo.jpg

I posted this photo of Edie Dean from my Blackberry phone. On our way to Brewster, New York, suddenly we were caught in accident traffic which stalled our progress for over an hour. "We should get out our easels and paint," I said. No sooner said, the traffic started to move. But only a little. A a dead standstill, I asked Edie to get out of the car and do "a demo" for the pleasure of all the folks who were stuck with us.

The things we do to entertain ourselves!


Jeffrey Risner said...

That looks a little dangerous to me. I know one should suffer for their art but don't take it too far!

Sri Debi said...

I finally am home and posted some text to go with that photo so it will make more sense now. Than again, maybe not.