Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Canadians

At left is Doug Swinton, from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and on the right is John Stewart Price, from Ontario. I think it is safe to say that Doug was a real treat for anyone that met him. He was always quick with a joke told with a great Calgary accent, eh?

John Pryce was just a really nice guy who sold a ton of paintings! He painted mostly 16 x 20's. At the end of the opening for the public, John brought out another painting - with cherry trees. We were standing across the room when he told me about this painting and I said, "Let's go see it." I liked this painting, and asked if I could get a photo of it. No sooner had I taken the photo, I said to John that this painting would sell. We turned away for a moment and when we turned back, it had sold! At that point, John had sold five 16 x 20's.
Here is the photo of the cherry tree painting.

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