Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Door County Winners

First Place: Colin Page
He's is a delightful young man, and a heck of an artist. That car painting at the bottom was one of my favorites - and sold immediately. One of his favorites was the painting that hangs above it of chiars at waters edge. I lightened this photo a little so you could actually see his face, but in doing that I had to sacrifice some of the impact of the paintings.
Congrats Colin on you're well-deserved win.

Second Place: Tom Nachreiner

Tom was last year's first place winner, and was certainly a favorite with the locals. His painting of the blue truck was my favorite by him. Gosh one would think I was in love with car paintings, but when they are painted as well as these two artists did them, who could resist. Below the truck is the painting that Tom did when we all got together to paint sunset.

Third Place: Shawn Cornell.

From St. Louis, Shawn is pictured here with his wife, Elizabeth (r) and (l) is Diane Miller.

Diane and her husband, Bill, were the host family for the Cornell's, and were also my host family two years ago.

Unfortunately, somehow, I missed getting Shawn's work at the Gala in any of my photos. He had a wonderful large painting of a cherry tree. The cherries were late this year and on the trees during the competition. I do have some nice photos of Shawn and his quick paint that I will post later.

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