Friday, August 14, 2009

My painting: "Summer Dazzle"

One of my two most popular paintings at the Festival.

12" x 9" Oil on RayMar Panel, wearing Black Hackman Frame

This is one of those paintings that people just loved.
The drama of the light, enhanced by a fine black Hackman Frame.
I could have sold it at least 10 times.

On the hunt for subject matter that was talking to me, I happened upon this marshy area shortly after sunrise. For me, this was a slice of heaven. The site was a kick back to my childhood, growing up on the water in Maryland, playing, crabbing and fishing from the row boat built by my grandfather, Edward Ittner.
The boat tucked into the reeds, and the blazing light on the water, quietly screamed, "Paint me!" There was a stillness along this ruelle with water on one side and summer cabins "with a view" on the other. Folks were sitting outside chatting, easing their way into the day and gazing at the scene after watching the sunrise. I asked if I could park and paint their view. I was set up and painting by 8:00 AM.
Mary Ann said she was going to paint at another spot up the road. In that time, Dennis the photographer came by and took some shots of me painting. We remembered each other from my first year at Door County. The folks from the house came out to watch and talk. The lady of the house wanted to buy the painting of her husband's boat as a surprise for him for Christmas. I could only sell these paintings through the school, and explained that this painting, which was going well, would most likely go into the sale on opening night. We discussed my coming back later to paint another, and exchanged contact info. This led to a commission and another sale.
The woman in the cottage next door brought me coffee and chatted about the festival. It was a great morning. I felt totally relaxed, and enjoyed the journey.

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