Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Group shots

Left to Right:
Artists Shelby Keefe, Jack Wahl, myself, Frankie Johnson.Below is another of my favorite paintings,
this one by Frankie Johnson.
I spent many a childhood hour in our Montmorency cherry tree with my sister Rhonda. We picked cherries for our grandmother, who would later turn these into pies. This painting held a lot of memories for me. I should have bought it.
Frankie also had a great Quick Paint painting which I'll post later.

Just another wacky group photo. We were all ready to let our hair down a little. The awards had been announced, paintings were selling, and we were ready to spend some time together before the next mornings quick paint and live auction.
Back row left to right: James Richards, myself, Tom Nachreiner.
Front row: Shawn Cornell, Mary Ann Davis, Sterling Hoffmann.

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