Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Door County Roomie

Okay folks, here she is, my Roomie, Mary Ann Davis from Indianapolis, IN. Mary Ann and I have known each other for many years, but never painted together or really got to know each other. She is a past president of Indiana Plein Air Painters, and I am a founder and past president of the Ohio Plein Air Society.

We each drove up to the Door on Friday, had all day Saturday to scout potential painting spots, and did 3 paintings. I was glad to get that under my belt because I had my granddaughter with me while my daughter was in Paris for 10 days. Consequently, this day of painting was an intergral part of my success in the coming week: Mary Ann and I were able to get comfortable with each other, and I dusted off some of the accumulated rust from not painting.

Each evening, Mary Ann and I critiqued each others work, and we helped talk each other through any momentary bouts of insecurity throughout the week. It was a positive time for us both. Thanks Mary Ann for a great week, and I hope the beginning of a closer friendship.

Here's Mary Ann with the couple that purchased her Ephraim Bay scene (hanging between them). I got to know this couple quite well after meeting them at the "Meet the Artist's Night". They'd find me painting at my easel, and they were a delight to talk with each day.

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