Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Door County Photos

Here are a few places that Mary Ann and I visited on Saturday.
At right is a fishing shack at the Bailey's Harbor fish store. There were all kinds of neat things surrounding the parking lot of this fish store. Buoys, boats, and just paintable STUFF.

The rocky shoreline landscape with boats was found on the eastern side of the peninsula along Lake Michigan, in the area of the Lighthouse. I thought that I might get back to paint that one, but I never did.

Below is another scene of a wetlands along a coastline. So many great wild places in addition to farmlands, orchards, little harbor towns, marinas, beaches, and at the very tip, a real working fishing village.

Here's the Morninglory Restaurant. A favorite place for those painting the quick paint on the last day of the Festival. Bob Eberle, from Indiana, painted it the first year, and did a great job. With his artist eye he changed the colors from what what you see here. He used a teal color for the siding and more towards an orange for the roof line. Those colors vibrate and really pop in a painting and in the public's eye. I noticed some of those colors this year in paintings of this location. Hey, this is also a great place for breakfast or a late dinner.

Not far from the restaurant is the marina area. This day was windy and chilly. I took several photos of this couple fishing . . .

. . . and I saw this duck windsock and couldn't resist a photo of it. There is a real sense of joy in Door County, evident in the people, the places and the buzz. Winter must get awfully cold and snowy, and they revel in summer!

I am sorry to find that I never took a photo of the cherry trees. Will post some paintings of them.

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Marc R. Hanson said...

Ahhhh... I want to go back! Great photos Debra. It was so good to be up there with painters of your caliber. Your work was outstanding and I look forward to seeing it to continue to grow.
Thanks for the nice words about my painting 'Fish Boil'. Very nice of you.
Happy painting and see you in August.