Sunday, May 19, 2013

An American Day

The first photo is what I attempted painting today. Second is outside the Bombadiers Pub as I left. Third, a statue next to the Pantheon, and I want a photo of this in daylight, someone has a sense of humor!

My first day here was a French Day. From the moment I met my taxi drive, Enzo, all through our hour drive to my studio apartment just near the Pantheon, I was forced to speak French. It was hard, but very good for me. That continued throughout the day, and I got several good comments on my French.

Yesterday, I spent a few hours painting, so less speaking. But there seems to be a trend shifting to more English speaking. Not good. First of all, I have finally done on this trip something that I have rarely done in my 32 years of travel, tried to call home. As if email isn't more than enough contact. But Tango, once you get it working, now has me video conferencing with my Sherpa husband, who is home weeding our much neglected garden.

Today, however was definitely an American Day. First off, I met Janet. She is staying 5 minutes from here, on the other side of the Pantheon. We went for breakfast. She speaks fabulous French, but all was in English. Even folks talking to me today spoke English.

I packed in my painting, when it started to rain pretty hard, and headed home to have lunch. I worked on my painting, but I think it's heading for the pile of shame. Then, since I am in Paris, I felt I should be out somewhere, right?

I decided I'd go to 'Bombadiers', an English type pub that another student in my class recommended. The bar is just 3 minutes walk from my place. It was mobbed, and no one was leaving. I ordered a pint of Bombadier Bitter and stood drinking. Two young women passed me looking for a table. They got lucky, and so did I. They let me share their table.

We got to talking, they were in their very early 30's and living in France. One was engaged to a Frenchman, the other (and many others that came) we Americans teaching English in France.

It was trivia night, and I was with two tables of Americans. Fun, but I have to get back to French, and find some good dry spots to paint since it will be raining most of this week.

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