Sunday, May 19, 2013

Paris bakery

I'm posting this for my friend, Edie, but I know you will all enjoy it.

Lokk at the size of the brioche on the top shelf! I decided to take one back to my apartment and possibly paint it.
This is the start of my third day here, and I am just back from a rendez-vous with my fellow French student, Janet. We had coffe and an omelette,  and then went to the bakery.

It's supposed to start raining, so I am on my way out to do a quick painting.


Anonymous said...

Yum, yum. Thanks for posting. Certainly a worthy subject. I am taking my inspiration from this guy - link below. Same injury as Frank, but he went to the South Pole. He skied the last 100 feet standing and skiing under his own power.


Debra Joyce Dawson said...

So how is this an inspuration for you? In the gym? By the way, I still haven't taken that brioche out of it's bag. Thanks for writing. It's nice to hear from you.

Gina Ward said...

Thanks for sharing Deb! I would have eaten the Brioche right away!

Jeffrey Risner said...


Anonymous said...

The inspiration was from listening to him talk about nevering giving up and watching someone with the same injury level as Frank walk. He skied to the South Pole - 100' after sledding self-powered 80 miles. Frank went swimming on Friday. His PT was blown away. Once he was lowered into the water he was gone. Swimming, swimming happily. It was pretty exciting. Sounds like you are having so much fun. Thanks for sharing! Edie