Thursday, May 23, 2013

Paris, another incident

David told me yesterday about the suicide at the altar of Notre Dame. I never saw anything about it on the BBC news channel. I had just been there the night before for a service, and there was no security at all.

I am going back today with my backpack and climb the tower. I suppose they'll let me take it?

I did get searched two evenings ago before climbing the Arc de Triomphe.

Last evening after a morning walk and an afternoon of painting, I walked across one of the bridges to Ile Saint Louis, the small island. There was a crowd on the bridge. They wete all looking at the river. I strolled over to investigate. Apparently, a man jumped into the Seine from the next bridge up. The police and rescue guys were they. Four frogmen wete in the water searching. Haven't heard a thing on the news about this.

I watched the frogmen thinking how wonderful they are to put their lives in danger.

There was sun this morning. Hope I didn't miss it.

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