Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Paris: Locks of Love

A few years ago, someone decided to place a lock on Pont l'Archeveche. Or possibly, it may have started on Pont des Beaux Arts. No matter where, it became an overnight success, and you may be disappointed when you can't find a spot to lock on.

Clearly, some people come here with their lock all prepared, engraved with their names, while others secretly, and with much happiness and love in their hearts, secretly tuck their special lock into their case or pocket and just wait until the moment they get to the bridge.

The locks must work. My first day here, I captured a bride and groom. Picture not showing on my end, so not sure it will come through.

Who am I to judge? An economy of locks has put people to work, and the Seine is filling up with keys. You can purchase one here. I'VE SEEN PRICES FROM €1 - €7, quickly marked down to €5, and I haven't even been looking.

I think I still prefer the Irish 'oath stone', a standing stone with a hole in it where Martin married me again last year. Just call me a romantic.

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