Friday, August 02, 2013

Madrid: Day 2, July 31, Banco de Espana, Biblioteca National, Hard Rock Cafe & Sorolla

We went to the Bank of Espana because Monica had a €50 note that was ripped in half and

Then we visited the National Library. No photos allowed. BUT, even without photos, can you appreciate that we saw a volume of the first 5 books of the Bible printed in 5 languages? BIBLIA, POLIGLOTA (I-IV). The books were compiled into one large Volume with comparative translations in Latin, Hebrew, Aramaic, Spanish (vulgar) and one other language that we need to look up spread across each two facing pages. The translations took place between 151-1517. In 1520, LEON X gave his  permission to print. 600 copies wete printed, and it was for sale for 6,5 gold ducados.

Tired of standing and hungry, we hit the near by Hard Rock Cafe and had the best cheeseburger ever (we have been eating the same food over and over for a month and a half)!

Then, we went to see the home and studio of the Modern Spanish Master, Sorolla. What a pleasure. Just give me his garden! If you know know the work of John Asaro and Peggi Kroll-Roberts, they are a continuation of Sorolla's figural work in color and brushwork.

We were pleased to learn how much Sorolla loved his family, and was most comfortable and experimental when they were his models.

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Ray said...

So glad you got to Sorolla's house!! Yes, his gardens are wonderful and I love that big studio with the globe, but the paintings.... OMG! There are some more of his paintings in the Prado. Can't wait to read of your visit there.