Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Madrid: Day 6, Saturday, Aug. 3, a wonderful day

Blouse and shoe shopping unexpectedly took over our morning, and our plan changed totally.

After lunch we finally took a stroll to the Edificio Belles Artes, paid €3 each to get to the roof for views of Madrid. The views were good, but not as good as the best siesta in Madrid: a glass of white wine and some ice water, and a bed under a sunscreen. Just pick an empty bed with cushions and relax! It was a great break from the city 7 floors below, the heat from above and all the walking and museums. If you go to Madrid and need a break, this is a nice place to take it.

We left with the idea to just take a walk up the Grand Via, lined with spectacular buildings all the way. We stopped in any stores we liked, had a scrumptious dinner in a sushi place, and continued to saunter along until we reached the theatre showing "El Rey Leon", "The Lion King".

I suggested we see if they had tickets. I've never seen the animated film or the musical in America. I asked if seats were available for that night and they were: row 15 center of the orchestra. Monica was shocked! We had 1-1/2 hr. wait, so we stopped at the cafe two doors down where I had a lovely raison pastry.

Then off to the magic of theatre. We're amazed that you can get popcorn and drinks and take them inside these beautiful theatres, but you can, and we did.

The show started at 10:00 pm. Wow! What imaginative costumes, scenery, sounds and colors. The actress playing the baboon sang powerfully with her commanding voice! The drummimg and the African tribal chorus singing were such a pleasure to hear. The two you actors who played the young cubs, around 10 years old, were superb. If you've never seen it, you won't regret going.

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