Tuesday, August 13, 2013

On the road again: exotic Elkton, MD

I hadn't seen "me sainted husband" and Sherpa for 2-1/2 months. While I was gone, he'd spent a month in Chile (landing where else but Santiago), with shorter trips to Pennsylvania, Los Angeles, Oklahoma and more.

We've known each other for 31 years now and were married in 1990. We decided that if we wanted to actually spent time together, I'd need to not have a 9 - 5 job to be available to go on the road with him.

It's worked well for us over the years. I gave up my singing career and allowed my art to take the stage. I can take my easel anywhere, well, except on the Camino, where it would be too heavy to carry.

So, I am on the road now again with my Sherpa. This is my beloved home state. I grew up about halfway between Baltimore and Annapolis on a deadend road, on a 300 ft. wide creek where we spent summers swimming, fishing, crabbing and imagining. Where I am now is about an hour and a half drive north of my childhood home.

Elkton sits near the top of the Chesapeake Bay and has nothing to offer, so I was told by the desk clerk. No reason to walk into "town". The nearby town of North East, home to Woody's Crab House, was the place recommended for Maryland Blue-fin steamed crabs. I was excited, but after receiving my beer I was told, "We have no crabs." BOO HOO!!!!!

We had a good meal, but . . . Maybe tonight. I drew the only crab I saw last night.


GenoaDeb said...

And a very nice blue crab it is. Hope you got some the next night!

Debra Joyce Dawson said...

Thank you! I used to draw them a lot when I was a kid.