Friday, August 09, 2013

Madrid: Day 7, Sunday, August 4 - oops hit the send button too soon.

The Dali retrospective was extensive, again, no photos allowed. He had been kicked out of the Madrid art school at the beginning of his career. Later, he received the highest honors, not only by the world of art, but also by the King of Spain near the end of his life.

He crossed over into theatre design, book illustration and movies. He designed the dream sequences in Hitchcock's "Spellbound".

He knew how to work the media, and invented and reinvented his personality over the years. He worked tirelessly and was always experimenting.

There were several clips of films with him speaking about his work and ideas, a short animated film he made with Walt Disney and an interesting and fun film of a party. One of the guests was a young Bob Hope. He was at the dinner table sitting next to a man I didn't know. They raised the huge dome lid off the large platter before them, and there was a plate of frogs. The look of surprise on their faces was priceless. I had the feeling the men weren't sure if the frogs were real since they didn't move. Hope picked up his fork to try and get one and it jumped, and so did he!

I suppose Dali was made for Hollywood, and wouldn't you like to be invited to a party where Dali wore a cardboard headpiece that had his real face in the middle, and photographs of his head looking to each side?

Below is a very short You Tube link on this record breaking exhibition.

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