Friday, August 09, 2013

Madrid: Day 8, Aug. 5, our last day #1

I've been back in the USA since Aug. 6, and many times, I have gotten home from a trip and never get back to blogging the last day or two of my trip. Not this time.

We walked down Calle Atocha from our Hotel Catalonia Plaza Mayor with the destination of Retiro Park. We passed a really good bakery and stopped in for breakfast.

The first photo is of Vicent's favorite dessert. The second are three of the four pastries we ordered that morning, the fourth pastry was already in my daughter's mouth.

We had never walked on this piece of road and were surprised to find we were near "the block" as it is called in Baltimore, MD. I am not sure it's exactly like the block, but it was something selling sex toys and also a "cabaret show". If you've been here, you can tell me.

We reached the park and headed for The Crystal Palace. We turned left at the angel fountain with the cool gargoyles at it's base, and soon found ourselves there.

Those colored discs are an art installation. Should I tell you the concept, or let you find it yourself?

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