Saturday, August 03, 2013

Madrid: Day 3: Palacio Real, Siesta, and a musical!

Okay, no photos allowed inside the palace. Bummer! They had some impressive rooms. My favorite rooms were the Apothacary, and believe it or not, the Armory. I felt like I'd walked into a fantasy world of knights in armor sitting astride their armored and draped horses! What a marvelous spectacle. Their were several rooms of armor and weapons, but one weapon that had a special meaning for me was the sword and jeweled scabbard of El Cid!

We went back to our comfy beds for siesta, showers, a drink, and then off to see . . .

Frankenstein the Musical. I had been giggling about it since Santiago, when reading it was showing here. It was great! Power lighting, not much scenery, about 40 actors (most playing ghoulish spectres hanging around writhing in anguish, or tormenting the doctor in his mind. It was pwerfully done and we were happy we saw it.

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