Sunday, June 30, 2013

Camino, Day 16: Burgos

Saturday, June 29, we walked 30 km. I figured out the day before that maybe some of my foot pain was coming from tying my boots too tight. I was right. My feet were feeling so much better.

What I also learned was that I have gotten all my blisters while walking on flat ground. But mostly it's not just flat. There are small gravel or rocks, larger stones, embedded rocks, dried tire tracks in the mud and more, and each surface demands somethiing of your feet.

Once you have that blister and your feet are tossed and turned and beaten up by the surface you walk, the blister talks. On my left foot, the blister was on my the toe, on the right, it was on the side of my heel, but your body keeps moving somehow.

The hostel had been cold and damp and I hadn't sleep well. I thought that Monica had gotten up extra early, so I got up and packed by 6:00am only to find her still asleep. It was cold, too cold to stand and wait, so I started walking with Carey. We like to sing, and she makes lovely line drawings. This morning we talked about etching.

Monica caught up to us at the village 1 k away, and then Diane. We had coffee and breakfast and carried on stopping at each village for a coffee or coke and took off our socks and boots to air dry our feet.

Yesterday we climbed up to 1080 m, the highest we've been since the Pyrenees. Of course we had to climb down to go up. The uphill was all bare rock jutting up, like bare mountain where the soil had washed away. Constant changing patterns to maneuver. My feet were "broken" when we reached to top. But we had so many more kilometers to do.

The surprise was a huge cross where we had a photo fest! Here I am with Diane from Ireland. She also has a lovely singing voice.

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