Monday, June 10, 2013

Great day in St. Jean-de-Luz

Yesterday was a marvelous day. You can see it started out grey, nothing wet falling, until I went out. I stopped for coffee and ordered the Viennoiserie. Turned out to be a mini croisant and a mini pain au chocolat, but they wete hot!!! Nice cafe creme with it.

Rain stopped, I started_in the direction if La Maisin de Linfante d'espagne. I was early, but the door was open, and of course I went in and climved two short flights of steps.

Eh, voila! An artist in his studio. I went in and we chatted a bit. His exhibition was all bulls, some realistic, my favorites were expressionistic. I asked if I could take his photo with his work. I didn't get a goid photo, but understand this, he had a huge space in an historic building from the 17th century. The coffered ceiling was all hand painted from that time. Three hugh arched windows that faced east to a view of the harbor and the Pyrenees in the distance. Hardwood floors. What would this cost? He had a captive audience of people coming to see the infanta's house one floor up, of course they all stopped hete for info and I am sure it led to sales.

His work was filled with emotion and power. Just like a bull. We exchanged emails, and talked a little about art, and the fact that the sky was now blue!

Great start to my day. More later. No rain right now, so got the painting bag packed and heading out.

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