Saturday, June 01, 2013

St. Malo painting

My first night in St. Malo, I walked through the narrow streets within the walls. I went back to my room early because I decided my view was as good as any. I enjoyed painting from my window studio.

Yesterday, the weather was superb. I decided to walk the walks and have a full day of painting. An English watercolorist was painting the same view. But sadly, he had to stop his painting early to go with his family.

I was fodder for a lot of photos. Finally, I asked a French woman if she would take a photo of me painting. She was happy to do it, and took her photos of me without guilt afterwards. I decided to try and get a phone photo of my 4 x 8" painting. I'm sure the color is off, but you might want an idea of what I did for the first painting.

I am using just my palette knife, purchased at Charvin in Paris. The surface is a primed and sanded 8-ply museum board. I love this surface for the palette knife, and used it for all my paintings in England in 2010.


Anonymous said...

C'est Bon!

Debra Joyce Dawson said...

Je vous remercie!