Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Camino Day 6: A very long day

I walked backwards justs to see the babies of Antonia Lopez Garcia and see them one more time. So powerful! And they remind me of my daughter as an infant.

My daughter had big probkems with feet. At some pont she decided to have a new blister and get over it. Were't we all hurting equally in our own way? Yes.

Later, the smell of elderberry flowers reinforced us. The Camino demands much, but gives us what we need when we need it.

After an amazing 2-hour climb through thick mud, we had a steep decent. This took us the beyter part of 4 hours. But when we reached the top, here were the famous statues where we rested and took photos before the long, but relatively mudless steep decent. I thank my trainer, Trey every day.

The country side had started to level out, and the reward for the worldly pain us replaced with Mother Nature's beauty. Poppies standing proud amount a field if cultivated wheat, priceless, unforgettable, and a source is strength.

Yellow shelled snails revelling in the mud, a souce or strength.

Wildflowers, every changing, a source of strength.

My companions, thr bird song, the sound of rushing water, the source of the strength.

A distant landscape with medieval church or bridge. The record of mankind, my race. I walk in their footsteps, tired and sore.

The mud: barro. Sucks my shoes into the ground. REALLY HARD.

Vicente, source of strength. Superman today!


Anonymous said...

So much fun to read about your adventure. You are doing fantastic. Loving the drawings. OXOX. Edie

Ray said...

And you become a source of strength to us. Thank you. A wonderful post.