Thursday, June 13, 2013

Camino starts Tomorrow: Getting Ready for Bed

It's no talking in our room as of 10 minutes ago. Paul wants to sleep. You'll never guess. My chocos went off in my suitcase this morning. Then later, I bought a pair of sandals for me, and one for Monica. They are lighter, but maybe take up more space in my pack.

I've seen a lot if experienced guys with their boots tied outside their packs. If I need room, I'll hang the sandals on the outside tomorrow.

I still haven't tried getting 2 liters of water in the camelback with all this stuff already in the pack. It's all new to me.

Supposed to be 59 ○ tomorrow 85% humidity. Looked like it was clearing tonight, but not clear and sunny like it had been for the two days before this one. Could be spotty rain tomorrow, but as the man at the Pilgrim Office said, "Why worry, you can't change it."

Photo is of me standing at La Porte St. Jacques. If you entered St. Jean-Pied-de-Port from Paris or Le Puy, the would have entered the city through this gate. There is a steep decline down Rue de la Citadelle, past the eglise where we got our pilgrim blessing this evening, and a little farther on we leave through La Porte d'Espagne.

The four in this room are all walking tomorrow. Jess, Paul, Monica and me. Will post again when I can.

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We were at lunch and when we got back our wifi was out and it just came back on [9:10 pm your time] so I just got your email.


I assume you're going to get an early night and be ready for the early start.


Thinking about you

Love you



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They turn wifi off at 10pm. I didn't know that last night and tried for a long time to connect.

You maybe in transit?

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