Wednesday, June 12, 2013

ST. JEAN-DE-LUZ: last day

Sunset never happened the evening before, and the day started with rain. But it cleared and we had one of the best weather days of all my time here.

I thought I'd look at the boats again. I found a fisherman mending sails.

I decided to walk all the way to the bridge to the next ville, believe me, not far. I wanted to see this one fishing boat that docked all by itself. I took a photo, and what appeared was something I was very excited about. Two people on the quai in front of the boat working on the nets. They were there all day. Just look at all the net they had to look at!

I made some drawings in my book, and decided to make a pen, brush and ink drawing. I did two, in fact. I'd have dine more, but it was hot and I needed a toilette.

I stopped at a bar for a wine and a large carafe d'eau. Drank them both, went to the lu and went back to the room to see if I could get my Sweetie online from Chile! Technology, as irritating as it is, is superb when it works.

Oh, I did buy a new sketchbook/journal for The Camino. I've filled the two I'd brought from home. I picked Emerald Green as I think I am going on the yellow brick road to the Emerald City.

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