Saturday, June 01, 2013

Paris: a visit to Sennelier

I've already said written about my last morning in Paris. I was sorry not to have visited the catacombs, but leaving something undone makes a good reason to return.

One thing I did more than expected was art supply stores. I visited four, only one was expected, and that was my second day.

This last day, I met my good friend Ray at the elephant statue at Musee d'Orsay. After kissing three times alternating cheeks, I asked if he wanted to visit Sennelier. I'd passed it on my walk to meet him.

Their window displays did not express the treasure trove of art supplies within. Not just pastels and paper, but everything under the sun for an artist. We both came out with stuff. I didn't need stuff!

Ink, a reed pen- why I don't bring these ??? I always wind up buying them. I also bought someting I've never seen, a feather brush, and a Chinese brush.

I'd attach more photos, but I want this file to go through this truly horrible wi-fi connection.

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Ray said...

I'm so glad we went! In fact, I went back at the end of my French stay and bought one of those feathers-on-a-stick that you got. I love the pens and ink that I got there, thanks for taking me!