Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Great Day in St. Jean-de-Luz: evening

So my evening to that great day I was writing about was 3 days ago! Life away from wifi happens when the sun comes out.

After lunch and drawing, I walked to 'la plage'. I'd walked the promenade the night before and found a place to paint under cover, but it was sunny, so the cafes were open.

I began to see how a vacation with sun would work. Up late, since you've been out late, beach all day, or combined with a little shopping. Maybe lunch, if you didn't bring it. Back to rest and have a shower and dress so you can promenade before dinner, and then back to the beach for sunset.

On my walk to la plage, Ganesha revealed himself to me. He looked a little Tibetan to me, maybe traveling in disguise. Then lo and behold, an entire window of LEGOs! Fond memories of the many Legos I'd bought over the years for the grandsons!

Then the promenade, and yes, sun on skin, even if it was winding downat 5 o'clock. Still there it was. But most were leaving, so I figured to come back for sunset.

As I turned to find another interested, my heart was panic-striken with the site that appeared in the distance. The high peak of the Pyrenees that are visible from this ville. I'd only just seen the rest of them the evening before and such fear settled in my heart about myclimb over Pyrenees. I was sure the view I'd seen was the one I would walk, the profile was so very similar. But this peak said something different, just like my Sherpa had said.

Still, the terror had grabbed my heart, and I was reminded that I have done little exercise of these legs since Paris, only walking a few steos and standing all day to paint. Paris was a great training ground. I never took public transportation except 3 short trips by bus for a walk I could do in 15 - 20 minutes. Not complaining.

But now, two weeks of little. Yes Istill waljed, butno distances, and I stood for long periods, but no climbing ofany kind since St. Malo. Yikes.

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