Monday, June 10, 2013

Great day St. Jean-de-Luz

After fighting my boat painting while fielding questions in my most horrible French, I was tired and hungry. I'd missed my opportunity to see the Infanta's house at 2:30. Next time.

I thought I sit and find a place to paint the pollarded trees with Louis' house, but people were really coming out. Why? Sun, and Sunday.

I went to a cafe and was told I could only get a drink or dessert at that time. The young waiter spoke only English to me, and I'd answer in French. In the end he said he could get me just a Croque Monsieur, but only that. Fine with me.

Don't you love the Ricard bottle with the sun on both sides. Ricard is made in Marseille, one of those anise flavored liquers. In 1997, in Chartres, I met two couples while waiting for the train back to Paris. Oddly enough we were all staying in the same hotel in the Marais. We had dinner together the night, and breakfast the next morning. One of the men said I had to have Ricard when I got to Marseille. I did, and this bottle brought back lovely memories if these kind Irish travelers.

I sat for a long time writing and drawing in my journal, people watching. And finally, decided it was high time that I try a chocolat chaud. This one was an Italian one, flavored with orange. It was sort of thick, I ate it with a spoon, but not as thick as a pudding. Pretty yummy.

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