Wednesday, June 03, 2015

My Multimedia Print in Denison Magazine

Denison Magazine Spring 2015
I haven't really talked too much about the many months I spent in the Denison University Print Studio as a Licking County Community Scholar. But, my time there consumed me from January 19 until May 11, 2015.

I signed up for the Advanced Printmaking Class with Professor Ron Abram, who was my teacher the last time I'd set foot in class in 1995. It was an etching class then, and Ron was new to Denison U. After 20 years we had a long embrace of a reunion at the entrance to the studio door. Over the years, he'd been showing my old prints to his first year students! We were both very happy that I was in this class.

There were 9 of us: 7 Denison students, two of whom were doing independent studies, and two community scholars. Ron dubbed us the Denison Print Collective 2015. He set up a heavy load of work for us, and I embraced it with all my heart and soul, and it pulled things out of me that I had never explored. My entire time in this class was about experimentation.

I live in Licking County, and since 1991, a copy of the Denison Magazine has shown up in my mailbox each year. I never ever expected to be inside it's covers. Below is a link to the article focusing on the work my class as a multimedia experience with Denison's Tutti Music Festival this past March. My etching/workblock print has a full page image, with part of my artist's statement and comments from the composer whose work I chose to inspire me. On the facing page is the work on a first year print student, but graduating senior, Brittany. I was thrilled to be on facing pages with her, as I bought one of these drypoint prints from her edition of the image in print. We are on the last image page.


AngelaFinney said...

What an Honor!!

Sri Debi said...

Yes, it was certainly an unexpected honor, Angela. Thank you.