Friday, June 12, 2015

Residency #1: June 10th continued

I followed my battle of painting the deep woods, with light patterns shifting every
10 minutes, with a 5x7" painting on Gessoboard, a very smooth surface. Felt
so good!

I didn't think of taking a photo, because we had a 6 o'clock dinner
invitation at Ann and Joe's. Fantastic time. With wine in hand, we toured
the gardens, then entered the screened in porch for Betty's asparagus tart!
The main menu was beet burgers, garlic potatoes and green beans, fresh
local produce from their gardens or the Mennonites, fresh Montmorency
cherries took me back to my youth. Dessert, a blueberry cobbler with
vanilla and chocolate ice cream.

This post had 5 photos, but the file size was too large for it to go through. So, not as many photos this time.

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