Tuesday, June 30, 2015

On my way to France!

Flying Delta from Columbus to Detroit, a three hour layover and then on to Paris. This flight seems full with plenty of people flying standby. Luggage is an issue, with folks trying to bring rather large suitcases on board. The gate agent told the passengers that all the luggage would not fit in the plane and she would determine who'd have to check their bag.

Everything was moving along smoothly, but we are now parked on the runway with one engine running, the seat belt sign off while wait about 15 minutes for take off. We are allowed to use our electronic devices, so I'm writing to you. Weather in Detroit is the cause of our delay. But, an artist with a sketchbook is never bored. So, I will start writing in my journal, and drawing, too. After all, I've got a captive audience.

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Ray Hassard said...

Bon voyage, Sri Debi!!! You will have a great time, I know. I am envious! Tell Dinan, and everyone who might know me, "Bonjour"! Especially the lady at the bakery down the street and Patrick over at the Best Western! Can't wait to read your postings. I'm off in one week for Plein Air Easton, then Rome mid-August.