Monday, June 01, 2015

Organizing and Packing

Packing for two residencies, and two workshops is so much fun. Plus all my stuff is getting sorted, cleaned and refilled, such as these brush washer cans.
The big one on the left was a recent gift from artist friend, Peg Vasil. The two in the middle are from Hobby Lobby ($13.99 last I purchased). The one on the far right is from Holbein years ago, available in 4 sizes from Blick ($69+ to $139+).
Last night, I saw the smaller cans in the center available on the Artwork Essentials website for around $19.99 + S&H.
Years ago, my artist friend Sarah LaDuca told me to use Murphy Oil Soap to clean oil paint from my brushes. It's a great product. Removes paint from clothes and much more.
My artist friend Margaret McWethy also recommended Lestoil to remove oil paint from clothes. It works great, too!
Still, not much that I know removes the stains of the Pthalo colors from a light grey carpet!


AngelaFinney said...

Some helpful hints!

Sri Debi said...

Hi Angela, glad you found something useful in this!