Friday, June 19, 2015

Residency #1: Thursday, June 18

The sun came back for most of the day! We all packed our gear and headed out for the Etawah Woods Trail and on to The Three Sisters. My Sherpa and I had hiked the trail last Saturday, and then after lunch, we went back with the painting gear.

I took 16x20"  and 12x12" panels. No sooner did I start the 16x20" panel, it started to rain. Sigh! We took all the gear under a rock ledge, and as the rain fell down, I had time to look at the new surroundings, just 6 feet from my original painting spot.

It was relatively dry, save for a drip or two coming through the dolomite shelf overhead that was sheltering us. I studied the rock and the trees and decided I would not waste the time spent here. I started a new painting on the 12x12" panel.

I just knew that if I started a new painting, that the rain would stop. And, it did. But I was interested in what I was doing, so gave up on my sisters start for the time being.

I worked until I was as far as I could go, not sure that the painting was complete, but I was tired after the one and a half hikes, and not a comfortable painting position sitting on a small rock outcropping, and still had to hike out of the gorge. I looked at the painting yesterday and decided it wasn't too bad. Fresh brushwork, clean color, and it the feel of the day.

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