Monday, June 22, 2015

Residency #1: June 22, Big Beech Woods

I enjoyed my hike on the Beech Trail today. Three of our artists said this trail was all uphill, and taxing with a pack on your back. So, I took out everything that was non-essential, leaving just paper towels, solvent, brushes, a PanelPak holding two 10x12" panels, my tripod, half a cheese sandwich, 4 clips, trash bag, and water! I was ready! I put on the pack, light as a feather, and then, I slung my paint loaded easel over my shoulder, and off I went.

It's a 2 mile loop trail, and does go up, but not too bad for me. I had one my Camino boots and both walking sticks. I confess, I took tons of photos, again.

Here's a sign that I rarely see here, no yellow arrows either. I was told that the trail is being diverted away from some of the largest trees, and the second photo shows you why.

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