Monday, June 29, 2015

Residency #1: June 28, Exhibition and Sale!

Here's my good friend, Edie Dean. Edie fell in love with my 5x7" oil painting entitled "Rock Garden". It was painted along the Cedar Run Trail. The rock sits with many other rocks in the Rocky Fork Creek, but it serves as a distinguished home to many plants. The light coming through the trees and reflected by the water surrounding the rock was unusual in it's gorgeous shade of greenish-gold. The combination of the rock garden and water color was irresistible to me. I started a larger painting of this spot a day later, but never got it finished. That water color is fleeting, only surrounding that rock for about 15 minutes, and mixing what I truly saw seemed impossible.

My friend, Edie, is also a wonderful artist in her own right. Check out her website, Edith Loechler Dean Fine Art. She's having a Solo Exhibition this coming September at the OSU Faculty Club, paintings and original monotype prints.

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