Sunday, June 21, 2015

Residency #1: Saturday. June 20, the Beechcliff Lodge

Today, on theast day of spring, the rain bucketed down. A paintout was planned for this day, and we had four brave souls come out to paint, in addition to the five artists-in-residence.

You can see myself and Edie Dean painting high and dry today on the "white porch" where you enter the house. The second photo is the "eating porch".

The lodge was built in 1912, by John Warren from nearby Greenfield. (I need to double check the guy's name.) What parties they must have had here!!! In 1915, the first inground swimming pool in the area was built, and filled by water diverted from the Rocky Fork Creek. Mr. Warren was the first person to swim in the pool. Once he was in and wet, the others followed.

The original old stove is here, but the kitchen has been all kitted out in modern appliances, sink and mouse-proof cupboards! (BTW, mouse traps were placed here several days ago, and five have met their demise.)

Two albums of photos and documents from the family and their friends tell the what history of them and this lodge has been collected. Each of the five bedrooms has an original sink, soap dish and hardware, and two twin beds.

There are three wonderful porches to the house, some with swings and gliders, some with old white wicker furniture, one with a stone floor and long tables to seat a crowd! We usually eat on that screened porch and try to imagine the parties, good times and conversation that took place on that porch.

It's a fantastic lodge, birdsong all the time, and just one of the Sanctuary's places available for rent and retreatlast

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