Wednesday, June 03, 2015

My old gal, the Yarka!

So much, most likely too much, to take to the Highlands Nature Sanctuary Artist Residency. Still, I need two easels for a one-day program I will be doing with a group of 15 youngsters.

The kids will be working on two 16x20" paintings. So, I need another easel besides my EasyL. Had to break out the Yarka. I bought her in the late 90's, and this one is very well traveled, going to India twice, England once, and many places around the USA.

She's an old workhorse that I put out to pasture and showing her age with missing parts, a dent in one of the metal legs, and  broken slat inside. Elmer's carpenter's wood glue and a bulldog clip helped fix her insides, and WD40 applied to her legs helped get them lubricated, but the dent in her leg means she gets off to a slower start. Just like me!

And just like me, I know she'll love the kids!


AngelaFinney said...

What an ambitious project! I bet those kids will have a great time!

Sri Debi said...

I hope so, Angela. We will see. Usually you can tell who the artists are in a crowd of kids. They either don't want to give up the brush, or just don't get bored painting.