Sunday, June 14, 2015

Residency #1: Saturday, June 13, Martin arrived!

Yesterday was an active day. My Sherpa, Martin, came at 7am to share his day with me in the forest. I wanted to walk the Etawah Woods Trail. We took our time going in so I could get photos and look have nature has put her garden together in a haphazardly organized way.

I was glad he was with me because this trail has some steep spots, and my Sherpa has the balance and agility of a mountain goat!

We hiked the trail twice: once to see what was there, once to carry the painting gear in to paint.

We were caught in a thunderstorm at the bottom just as I started to paint. But, we tucked under a dripping rock ledge and watched the rain pissing down all around us. I had time to look at my surroundings, and decided to start a new painting. Of course about 30 minutes into that, the rain stopped, but I wasn't gonna move a second time.

I think we clocked about 7 miles of walking with up and down elevation. Felt good, like being back on the Camino.

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