Wednesday, July 01, 2015

France: Aeroport & Gare SNCF

Here we are, together again. I'm tired, how about you?

I'm now at the Gare SNCF at the Charles de Gaulle Aeroport in Paris! Last time I was in the airport, it was mobbed. I'd just finished a painting trip with Susie, Margie and Sylvia, and we were fighting the crowds and their luggage, trying to avoid being run down or over.

The flight to Paris arrived early, but seemed long. I was very sleepy in Detroit waiting to board, and fought to stay awake once on the plane. I'd lost hours of sleep over the last three nights, and after the all day trial with unpacking, sorting, organizing and repacking, I still had a few writing assignments to do to wrap up the residency. They had to be completed before I left for France. Last of all, I wanted to send in a competition entry online!

I know I had some shut-eye on the plane, but not enough. I'll be traveling all day, traveling on three trains, arriving in Dinan around 5:37pm. Someone will meet me at the station. Yeah! I wasn't looking forward to dragging my suitcase a quarter of a mile over medieval cobbles while wearing my 25 lb. backpack. I did that 2 years ago in Saint Jean Pied-de-Port, and it wasn't fun.

I was successful in printing out my tickets for my return trains, and instead of getting on an earlier train to Rennes, I decided to sit and wait for my 12:30pm train. I'm making a few little pen and ink sketches with the Bistro shellac ink that Janet brought me from Paris. I love this ink, especially with a red pen. My suitcase is my desk, Paris is in the midst of a heatwave with temp possibly reaching into the low 100's°F. The human traffic is bustling, and the body odor levels rising, and I'll be looking for something cold to drink.

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