Thursday, July 09, 2015

Dinan: Thursday, July 9- the car!

Oh boy! The thought of the car kept me awake. To start. When I want to try to contact Martin, I have to walk to the other side of the Rance River, then, I have to wait until I think he's available. And while I'm using the WIFI at the Mercure - was the Best Western until 10 months ago - I have to order something.

Now, if it's late, people are back in their rooms, and the signal isn't good. So, I write to you, and try to send it. Such is the state of WIFI in France, America. I'm sure it's good for those that live or work here, right?

Now, today I went to the Thursday marché for lettuce, tomatoes and apricots. Not much, but all I had time for. It's a 40 minute walk to the Europcar place.

Did I mention that I walked 8 miles two days ago, and did two paintings. Yesterday, about 5 miles. Today, already 4 miles.

So driving seems like a cop out of sorts. Still, I can't walk to Roscoff or Carnac without a lot of time. So, I got the car. A standard shift. Martin advised I take a few short trips. I felt if I got in, drove away and could make my way back to my little house, that would be something. And it was. I got directions on how to go, on a map from the lady renting the car. I was fine except just as I was supposed to get to my turn to go under the aquaduct, the road was closed. I made a turn that I shouldn't have, and had to turn around, then went back and somehow found the detour signs, right through the streets I walked on yesterday! So glad that I've been walking around the old city everyday.

I got home, unpacked my vegetables, packed the oils in the car and headed in the direction of the small towns along the Rance, direction, St. Malo. I decided after a bit, to head back to Léhon and paint at the abbey. The sun was brilliant, but a cool wind had me in my jacket all day. Cooler in the wind, even more so in the shade with wind. I decided to paint the gardens in the cloisters, as the abbey grounds had just closed.

Not only a 8x6" struggle with paint and brush, but the people were all over me a few at a time. I must admit, it was not beneficial to my painting, or my concentration. They came a couple, or a few at a time, and no sooner did they leave, the next 2 to 4 would arrive.

After 1-1/2 hrs., I started to just hand them my brushes. Not many were polite about disturbing me, getting just behind me to take a photo, or just stand to see what I would do next. They never ever ask if they can take a photo of me or my work.

Before I got really irritated, I asked a woman who had just taken my photo to take one of me.

I bought a ticket for €4, and toured the museum, and then just outside the door was a great scene with apple trees in front of abbey buildings, contre jour.

I got up close and personal with the scene I'd painted the day that I walked to Léhon. The wildflower section near the ruins was stunning. I spent quite a long time with it.

Then, the return drive. Gosh, Léhon really is very close. I stopped at the parking for the castle, climbed the steps and there was the TI. I thought I was in Léhon, but it was Dinan!

The young woman that helped me with the car, told me on a map how to get back home. Seems the detour I took this morning is just for residents. My way was much longer involving rush hour traffic and missed roads, but I made it!


Barb Walker said...

Enjoying reading your posts! What a beautiful place. Can't wait to see posts of more paintings. Loved that the thought of a car kept you awake. :)
Soak it up!
Barb Walker

Anonymous said...

INterested to hear the Best Western-Mercure change. Is Patrick still tending bar? He was super helpful to me when I was there.