Friday, July 31, 2015

July 31st, Friday: Je suis aller á Paris!

I have changed trains twice this morning and am now sitting in the station in Rennes. I need to use the toilet, so, having a second breakfast just to get some change.

I knew there was a reason to keep a little change. But it's so heavy with one and two Euro coins. Martin always spends the change. Today, I feel I am becoming Martin.

I don't really care about much today since making my 5 minute connection between trains at Dol-de-Bretagna, down and up the stairs with my suitcase and backpack. Now, all my worries have disappeared.

The train arrived at 8:45 and the TGV to Paris leaves at 10:05. Expected arrival time 13h11. If I get bored, I may venture into Paris, but I need the repack my luggage, putting the tubes of paint from my backpack into the suitcase. I sound like someone who thinks they will be in Paris again. I think that I am just plain tired and don't feel like fighting the transpiration any longer today.

I have un upgraded room, with a king sized bed, a tub and a shower, and plenty of room here at the Hilton Paris Charles de Gaulle. All thanks to Martin.

It's just coming to 4pm here. The day is still young, but I will relax here. I'm sure that you're all shaking your heads saying, "Is she crazy?"

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Ray Hassard said...

No, not shaking my head. You are Sri Debi, the painting wildwoman and you are coming home after a month on your own in France! I really look forward to hearing about it all and hope you had a marvelous, wonderful time there!