Sunday, July 05, 2015

Le Colonnel et d'etre choses!

Here it is! An vielle femme, prés de moi, a  commandé  cette  dessert. Plus tard,  je  doit commander aussi!

I struggled with a painting this morning at a crêperie called Ty Coz. It was raining this morning, and when it stopped, I went out with all my artistic stuff.

I decided to paint from the comfort of a cafe, and so started my day with two large café créme, one after the other. The light change after my block in, and I had to adjust the values. The cafe got quite busy around me, free entertainment. No one spoke to me, but everyone sat behind me! I was focused, and just tried to build my painting.

After, I had to have lunch, or was it my breakfast? Un galette St. Jacques, followed by the Colonel! My friend, Meg, introduced me to this: lemon sorbet with vodka! This was the best I've had since the one I had with her on l'Île de Ré in 2006.

There were two men having muscles here. One reminded me of Stanley Tucci, so I made a quick sketch, which doesn't really look like Tucci, but serves as a memory for me of my time here today.

The jury is out on my painting. I will have to look when I get home. But, this restaurant was very accommodating to me. I thank them very much.

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Angela Finney said...

Sounds like a good day!