Thursday, July 30, 2015

Thursday, July 30: a fun morning!

Madame at La Belle Assise made crème this morning in addition to quite an assortment du pain.

I dug out my easel, put out fresh paint. I have very little paper towels, but they are Viva. Thank you, Peg Vasil!

The best thing I saw at the marché this morning, and believe me, everything looks superb, was this baby. At first I took a photo because of the light. So I took three, because of people walking by. This last one saws what is about to happen. By the time I walked the 10 steps and was opposite the baby, he had grabbed a leaf from a lettuce plant and stuffed it in his mouth. He was just going for a second leaf when his mother turned and noticed! So funny, and I hope a studio painting when I return home.

I also had fun drawing the crabs and fish, and asking le vendeur about the araignèe crab. There were also small brown crabs that I'd never seen before. They color reminded me of mud crabs that we'd catch when I was a kid. These were 4 times the size of the mud carbs, but only about a 3" shell. What you do with them. The sign said they were called élutte  at 10,80€ kg. The araignèe were 7,80€ kg. And the large fish, St. Pierre, 22,80€ kg. I hope you enjoy my little drawing of the seafood.

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