Saturday, July 25, 2015

Thursday, July 23 - Dinan to Dol-en-Betagne: Cathédral Saint Samson

Why? It all started with a conversation with Martin the night before. Long story short, I have 5 minutes between trains at the station in "Dol-en-B". This worries me since I booked that train from America. So yesterday, I stopped at the Gare SNCF here in Dinan, and in French, I had a little conversation with a nice young man about short time between trains, the weight of my suitcase and the stairs involved. He assured me that this would be plenty of time, and so I have accepted his reply.

So, this was my last day with the car, and with the thought that I might visit the Gare SNCF in Dol, Martin though I might drive over and ask about the trains. But the Green Guide took over, only 30 minutes away. Very easy to make one last trip in the Skoda.

The cathedral speaks of the Golden Age of Brittany, commerce booming and no war - sounds great to me. Here in Dol, the money for the cathedral was funded by the riches of the tanneries. These must have been incredibly busy and smelly places in those days. The Green Guide gave the 12th and 13th century Cathédral de Saint Samson ☆☆. It was different. The west face was rather flat, devoid of sculpture with wooden shingles forming the appearance of arches. Around the side are two porches. The small one my favorite. The two salmon colored doors, locked, but carved with panels depicting pieces of leather. These are similar to the carved images of linen, but not the same.

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