Friday, July 03, 2015

It started with mussels!

I had to take this photo of my dinner last night because of the attached barnacles. We had them on our rowboat when I was a kid, we ordered them in Finisterre, in Spain (well, my daughter did), but I've never had them come to me on mussel shells. I liked it. The mussels I've had in France are small and with a mild flavor. I like them very much.

Dinner was great. To the right of me we're 3 Germans, parents and son. To my left, well, I wasn't sure. The young man spoke very good French. One of the two young women was speaking, I wasn't sure what, but at times it sounded like French. I thought maybe it was the real Breton accent. So after some white wine and dinner, I asked them in French if they were from the same country. They were. And that question led to an all night conversation with Belgians lasting until we were told it was closing time. Two sisters 24 and 30, and their friend, 26.

Christof took a photo with his camera to show off his stick. I do hope he sends it. We have all vowed to meet in Ohio or Antwerpt, where they live.

As I made my way home, I stopped to look at the nocturne before me. It was pretty chilly, but there she was, rising above the tree line, Sister Moon, in all her glory, lighting my path, and exposing my smile in it's glow.

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Angela Finney said...

Sounds like a fun/relaxing time!