Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Dinan to Les Enclos Parroissaux, July 20, Monday

I was inspired by a book at the tourist board to find some of these parish closes, osuaris, and 'calvaries'. Mostly I wanted to find the imagery in stone representing death and devils. I find no one has handed down such imagative depictions of these topics as the medieval artists.

The closes I headed for were in the Département de Finistère. They exist in more places than I was heading, but I found a circuit drive in the Green Guide, and it was near Morlaix, on the way to St-Pol de Léon and Roscoff. So, off I went.

The further west I went, the worse the weather became. And, at the first stop, there was a steady rain falling. So, I went into the church first. Whew! Ornate carving everywhere, and painted in pastle colors with gold leaf. This was l'Église de St-Thégonnec.

I will say, I appreciate the magnificent work, but it didn't excite me.

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