Monday, July 06, 2015

What to say today, July 6, Monday

Well, 2 more paintings. 6x8's and they feel so small after the sizes that I did in the forest. But, the nature of this luggage game was weight. The bulk of the panels I brought are 6x8's. And equal amount of 6x6 and 9x12" (not my favorite ratio ). And about 7 or 8 8x10's. I used 4 of the 8x10's already, so today was my time to change sizes. I begin to see that I miss the bigger panels. Susie, you are laughing at me now. And yes, I will miss my navigator extraordinaire! We are a superlative team on the road.

So, I didn't sleep well last night. Why? Mostly, I never get to bed before midnight. Not sure how that happens, but it just seems natural.

I made a mushroom and onion omelette for breakfast, had most of my painting gear ready last night, and went off in search of café. Only the boulangerie was open. I ordered a coffee and asked if I could walk to Léhon, une Citié de Caractère. "Oui! Just 2km." So, after my first 8x6" painting, off I went aux bords de Rance.

I was feeling a bit "walled in" like Dinan, so I thought, ah, walk along the river and see what's there. Lots of gorgeous natural views, and it was a cloudless gorgeous day, hot, but I spent most of it in the shade.

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