Tuesday, July 28, 2015

July 28, Tuesday: Rain

I cooked potatoes and onions in olive oil and butter with Herbs de Provence for breakfast. I added three pieces of Camenbert cheese at the end to heat it up. Wow! It was fantastic.

Then, I packed up my sac-a-dos and walked across the street to paint the little house that's been my humble home since July 2nd. Why I never noticed it before I'm not sure. It is very cute, and I saw it for the first time at a distance last night coming home from the gite.

Halfway into my painting, it started to rain. It became a steady rain. I had the umbrella, but not my coat. I held it up with my left hand and carried on with my right. It was cold and damp, but I wanted to finish that painting.

Packing up was difficult, trying to hold a windy umbrella and take the painting off the easel and get it into a PanelPak. I managed to get white paint on the hand holding the umbrella, then all over the umbrella. Later, I noticed yellow all down the left thigh of my trousers! Hum?

The rain poured down, and then stopped by the end of lunch. I started up the hill with drawing materials and half way into a drawing, with no cover, I packed that in.

It turned into a lovely evening, but I had a small amount of online work to do. Still, I overheard an Englishman say that tomorrow it's to be sunny.

Here's a photo of me drawing, taken by a young man - about age 10 - who'd been snapping away at me for about 20 minutes. I think I know where his future lies.

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